Footy fever

Well, I did it … I finally gave up the last line of resistence and succumbed to that which they call footy fever.  Mind you, it’s not much of a fever … maybe one degree above normal?

Yep, I’m actually interested in Aussie Rules Football.  And I have the hospital to blame, for putting me in a semi-private room with a footy fanatic during the Grand Final match.  She taught me a bit about footy, and together we cheered for St Kilda.

I laughed when it was a tie (purely for that back-stabber Julia Gillard’s sake, she begged that we not have a tie, claiming that Australia could live without a government, but not without a Grand Final winner).  Then groaned when I realised it’d be another week before we found out who wins, because some idiotic fools decided to ban overtime in a Grand Final match.  So I had to wait a week for the new love to be consummated (inasmuch as a love of sports can be consummated … that’s a metaphor, people!)

A week later, and bloody Collingwood won.  Figures.  Ah well, there’s always next year 😉

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