Screen Name: Amused Reader
Age: 30 (for a little longer, anyway …)
Country: Australia

About me  |  What you can expect to find on this blog

About me

I’m opinionated and vocal and love to soap-box my views on everything from politics to spaying pets.  I’m often amused at the mis-information I read online, all these pseudo-experts on every topic you can imagine (who more often than not are talking out of their a…nyway), so I have dedicated some of my online time to having a whinge and correcting the mis-information out there where it’s within my ability to do so.

I’m open-minded and open to correction (if you can back up what you’re saying with a reliable source, and no, wikipedia is not a reliable source), and will consider other points of view, even though I may not agree with them.  But don’t tell me you’re a doctor IRL, or a lawyer, or a vet, or whatever, because everyone online is (or so they claim).  Reliable, verifiable sources are what I’m interested in, not the experience of your neighbour’s sister’s friend’s cousin’s milkman ..

So let’s all learn together, have an intelligent chat (is that even possible online?) and see if we can’t break down some walls of ignorance while we’re at it eh?
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What you can expect to find on this blog

There’ll be a range of topics discuss on this blog, everything from current affairs through to stuff I’ve pondered, and everything in between. I may even mock an idiot or two, if the mood takes me. Just to clarify, my definition of idiot encompasses everyone who pretends to know more than they really do, and everyone who is boastful/conceited/educated beyond their intelligence. I do not consider people with a learning disability, people with a mental disability, people on the autism spectrum, etc, to be idiots. Likewise with those who ask questions in order to find stuff out (it takes intelligence to ask a question and admit you don’t know the answer).

Sorry, slight tangent there …

Anyhoo, you can expect to read a wide variety of topics, discussions, and formats on this blog. There’s no set rules, anything goes, with one exception: I will not tolerate trolls. Disagree with me (or anyone else) to your heart’s content, but do so in a civil manner! There is plenty to be gleaned from one another if we just remember that we’re all human behind these screens, and we all have strengths and weaknesses 🙂
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