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It made my day!

Things that made my day:

  1. The nice woman who thanked me for stopping the car to let her walk in front… on a pedestrian crossing! 🙂
  2. Thinking I had three one-dollar coins, and finding that all three were actually two-dollar coins 😀
  3. Finding the chocolate topping in the health-food aisle at Coles; I feel so vindicated!!! \o/

Note: For those who are wondering what \o/ means, I thought I’d better explain; it’s a little guy raising his arms in a cheer 🙂



A political jaunt

Or jaunty politics, take your pick. Meh.

During a rather heated discussion about Australian politics today, a lovely friend of mine from “Up Norf” in England brought my attention to an English political party called the “Monster Raving Loony” party.

For the first time in my life, I have found a political party that reflects my views! I have contacted them to ask if they have an Australian branch… watch this space 🙂 – ’nuff said. What can I say that’s not there?

I’m on the bus!

I boarded the bus at 20:08 tonight. And that’s where the fun begins…

When I booked my ticket, I requested the very last seat at the back of the bus. This is my usual procedure, since I have anxiety issues related to having people behind me. No worries, the driver wrote “13A” on my ticket, and I boarded.

The bus was occupied by about a hundred wide-eyed feral tweens. Fighting the immediate panic I felt at the sight of such a full bus, I made my way to the back. My panic increased when I saw that all three rows at the back were full.

A helpful onlooker, and possible RAICOF (Responsible Adult In Charge Of these Ferals) helpfully suggested that some seats near the front were vacant. I squeaked “13A!” and she shrugged. Another possible RAICOF to my right said,

“It’s okay. Those two at the back are meant to be in front of me. I’ll make them move.” And she did. The tweens glared at me as they were displaced, but it was MY seat!

So I settled in to my seat, pulled out the computer, and logged on to the interwebs. All good, I relaxed, I was in my spot and I was safe.

And then the singing began. It started as one off-key wannabe popstar who mistook us for a dedicated audience, and she was determine to give us our money’s worth. So I took out my headphones and tuned her out with my own music.

Ah, bliss!

Then three other wannabe popstars joined in, and even the headphones were insufficient to muffle their screeches. To make matters worse, about a million of the ferals decided to enhance the concert atmosphere by turning their overhead lights on and off rapidly in quick succession. Ugh!!!

Then another of the RAICOFs piped in with,

“You lot, leave those lights alone!!!” The ferals complied. And the voices went down. Peace resumed, and I decided to do some study. I put the headphones back on, resumed moodle, and lost myself in the cheerful world of elderly incontinence and sputum.

And gradually became aware of a rising chorus. That’s right, the popstars were back. Only this time, all billion of the ferals had chimed in.

On the verge of calling animal control, I was relieved when a RAICOF near the back of the bus suddenly shouted, in a deep growly bass,


That was 15 minutes ago. Peace has prevailed, and the dozen ferals have been subdued.

For now.

To be continued…


ROFL!!! Just came across a poem I wrote when I was ten. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, I’ve worked on it all my life, I sure hope I’ve improved since this one XD

Houses can be tall
Or small
Or they might just fall
If they’re not built properly

So if you ever build a house
Make sure you build it nice and strong
Or it won’t last very long
But if you build it high and strong
It will stay there super long

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