Christian Freedom(?)

Has it ever struck you just how free and complacent we are here in Australia/America/England/etc? Those of us who wish to own a Bible can simply walk into a book store and buy one. Seriously! We just walk in, hand them our money, and it’s ours. We think nothing of having several different versions out in the open. I’m looking at my NIV and NKJ right now!

And to think, in some places they have to tear out pages or sections and pass them around in secret, hoping against hope that they don’t get caught with it, because being caught even with a few pages means prison or death or public flaying. They have to memorise those passages before passing them on, because having a Bible in their possession is too dangerous.

I wonder how many of us could keep faith under those conditions? How’s the saying go? “You don’t appreciate what you have … until it’s gone”


One thought on “Christian Freedom(?)

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